What is the meaning of “kun” in naruto? ex: sasuke-kun?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I’m curious about it…

please help me…

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  • “kun” is a honorific for mostly guys and shows that you are familiar with that person.

    So Sasuke-kun means that someone is adressing Sasuke on familiar terms and not using a more formal manner of his name which is “san” or “sama”.

  • When I was watching the anime Tsubasa Chronicles — Syaoron called Sakura — Sakura-chan. And then Sakura said, don’t add the -chan and I’m calling you Syaoron, not Syaoron-kun. She said this because she explained to Syaoron that when two people are really close and respect each other emotionally and on different levels, you don’t need to add -chan or -kun [suffixes]. So relating back to the Naruto incident. I think that’s the reason why Sakura doesn’t call Naruto, Naruto-kun. I mean in the beginning, I think she just hated him and didn’t want to give him respect. But then later on, both of them became immensely close, especially with the whole Sasuke ordeal – and now the suffixes are no longer needed. However I think Naruto calls Sakura, Sakura-chan still because he wants her to understand that they are close, nonetheless he’ll still add the -chan to show deep respect. Anyways, there is my hypothesis 🙂

  • Putting “KUN” in the name is an honorific that signifies respect. Here in America we do the samething. Some people like having Mr or Miss before the last name of a person. Naruto-kun and Mr.Uzumaki is close to the same in many ways. It is just not used in are society as much to show respect to your name. Other languages have the samething, like the Germans. They have ways they speak to show respect. American English does not enforce that as a proper way to speak like the Japanese or Germans do. So in reality it is not uncommon to hear that outside the American English language.


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  • in naruto’s case, if sakura is call sasuke sasuke-kun then it’s because sasuke is someone they are emotionally attached to or have know for a long period of time.

    honorifics are used, because calling someone just by their first name is something that usually couples do, so if you are not in that kind of relationship with that person, it can be considered as rude.

    however there are other uses of kun as well, but it does not apply to naruto, but some of the other mangas, you can find out more here:


  • It’s an honourific. It is a way to show respect to those on the same level as you, but only for boys.

    Let’s use the names Light Yagami and Misa Amane as examples. In a school system, a person would call boys in the same grade/year as them Yagami-kun, to signify equality/familiarity.

    Similarly, if they were in the year above (regardless of gender), they’d call them Yagami-senpai. This means they are older/wiser than the one talking. San is also used, eg Yagami-san. “Sama” is even more respectful than “san”.

    If the person being addressed was below them, it would be Amane-kohai.

    If it was a teacher being addressed, it would be Yagami-sensei.

    Sometimes, to note extreme familiarity, mostly between two close female friends, it may be Amane-chan, or Misa-chan. The even more cute version of this is Misa-tan or Amane-tan.

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  • The whole “kun” thing isn’t really exclusive to Naruto. It’s a suffix that shows a sign of Japanese courtesy. I believe it it’s usually referred to boys as a sense of closeness yet respect towards the boy. It’s the equivalent of the suffix “chan” which is used towards girls in Japan.

    It’s as what SasuNaru said, it’s an honorific.

  • its a japanese honorific. kun is a more or less affected term for males, girls is chan (i may b wrong). if u pay attention to the relationships of the ppl when they talk to each other, like kabuto calls orchimaru -sama, which is a thing of respect.

    i think some english honorifics would b ma’am and sir

  • its a word that follows a name, because in japan they dont just call that persons first name unless your close to that person. kun is used for a male around your age, chan for girl around your age, san for a person older than you etc.

  • umm doesnt that like mean its a boy? lol

    so like in sasuke-kun u would know its a boy?

    or is that what it means in general o.o

  • Its direct Japaneese translation it shows that it is a name.

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