Updated on July 20, 2022

Before you buy

Some products purchased in Australia and transported out of the country by plane or ship may be eligible for GST (Goods and Services Tax) and WET (Wine Equalization Tax) refunds for international travelers, including Australians.

You must

all of your carry-on luggage ready to go geared up and prepared to go If an Australian business with the same ABN (ABN) orders you to spend at least AUD 300 (including of GST) within 60 days of your departure, buy the items.
Invoices over $1,000 must include your name (and only your name) and the things you purchased must be specified in such a way that they may be linked to you.
The retailer’s name, location, and Australian Business Number (ABN) (ACNs and ARNs not accepted)
the amount of tax or taxation owed (or total price including GST)
ABF Client Services has seen huge and prohibited commodities prior to the date of purchase. Presenting your passport, boarding permit, and original tax invoices at the TRS Facility on the day of departure: more than 30 minutes before your scheduled airport departure time
Aim to go to the ports one to four hours prior to the scheduled departure time of your vessel.
Any imported items for which a TRS claim was made when they left Australia should be reported to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
When you return to Australia, you must answer Question 3 on your Incoming Passenger Card (IPC)
Failure to declare certain things may result in monetary penalties.
You must declare any products you bring back into Australia that exceed the passenger concession allowance, and if the value of those goods (together with any other overseas/duty-free purchases) exceeds the passenger concession amount, you may have to pay any applicable GST and/or duty.

You can’t

A claim can be made for shipping goods if you have less than 30 minutes to spare before your scheduled departure time at a domestic airport after you leave Australia.

If you do this, you can get refunds in the form of photocopies of cash use invoices.
When an invoice is signed by someone other than you, your company is operating a fleet of planes or ships.
Wines with an ABV of under 22% are prohibited from being transported by plane or ship due to safety concerns.

Perfume and cosmetics, gift cards and coupons to be spent in stores, food and drink consumed entirely or partially in Australia are all included in this category.
Services such as accommodations, taxi cabs and tours, house plans and automobile rentals; shipping/postage costs; warranties; training; educational courses; course materials; and warranties are all examples of medical aids and appliances (physical or digital).

You should

In the case of a claim, make sure the invoice description matches the product by checking with your carrier.
Print and save a copy of your electronic invoices before you depart for the airport (you might need to leave the originals with us)
Check to see where the TRS Facility is located.
TRS facilities are available on every international flight, including those departing from Adelaide ADL, Gold Coast OOL, Cairns CNS, Canberra CBR, Hobart HBA, Darwin DRW, Sydney SYD, Melbourne MEL, Brisbane BNE, and Perth PER. If the TRS Facility is not staffed and you require more assistance, locate an ABF Officer.

You can

spend money over the course of a few days
Check to see if the ABN is the same on each invoice from the same vendor (ABN).

Each store may have a different Australian Business Number (ABN).
compute the amount of GST refunded: The total cost divided by the number of units sold
when you can afford to buy: date set for departure – there are just 60 days remaining use a credit card (such as an American Express, Diners, JCB, or Mastercard) or an Australian bank account to receive your refund.
mailed a check (not recommended)
check the name on the tax invoice with your passport to make sure it matches.
only Make a claim at the port where you last left Australia (this may be different to where you originally boarded your aircraft or cruise ship)
Contact your domestic airline to ensure you may pick up your luggage before flying internationally. See domestic for further information.
Use My TRS Claim to enter your invoice details. This does not include a claim for a TRS refund as a military passenger on a military transport.
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