Submit your VAT return using Excel

Updated on July 18, 2022

With VitalTax, submitting your VAT return is as simple as dragging and dropping from within Excel.

Select the cells you want to import from your spreadsheet, and the application will do the rest.

The Making Tax Digital Application Programming Interface (API) sends your VAT return to HMRC with a single click of a button (API).

In addition, VitalTax can be used with any user-defined Excel spreadsheet and does not require a specific data type or spreadsheet template.


Don’t let someone else dictate what you do with your data

Additionally, VitalTax gives information on prior VAT returns, allowing you to check any VAT return that you have submitted.

You don’t want to leave Excel to check on your VAT liabilities and payments? That’s OK. When you use VitalTax, HMRC gives you full access to all of your VAT data.

What’s the first step?

Use Making Tax Digital for VAT to file your tax returns. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for taxpayers or agents on how to register for MTD.

Install VitalTax just from Excel! Please watch this instructional video before proceeding. Create a VitalTax account and provide it the power to communicate with HMRC on your behalf in your spreadsheet. The demo video will walk you through the process of submitting your first VAT return step-by-step.

It’s simple to use.

The Microsoft Office Store has the VitalTax Add-in for Excel.

VitalTax is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2013 and later on Windows, Microsoft Excel 2016 and later on Mac, Office 365 and Office Online, as well as Microsoft Excel for iPads (iOS). As a result, VitalTax is ready to assist your company on any platform.

In fact,

We accept any and all spreadsheets.

From any Excel spreadsheet, use VitalTax to submit your VAT return.

You don’t need a template, and you may use the same method you use to calculate VAT now.

When you’re ready to submit your VAT return, all you have to do is choose the cells in your spreadsheet that you want to import and VitalTax will do the rest.

The VAT return can also be exported from your current accounting software and submitted via MTD gateway using VitalTax.

VAT spreadsheet templates from DIY Accounting, QuickBooks, Sage 50, Sage Instant, and VT are all supported at the moment, but more will be added soon. If you’d like to see another template on this page, please get in touch with us.

Submit a self-prepared VAT return

Returns for Sage 50 must be submitted

Submit your VT Financial Statements


Prepare to file your first VAT return by setting up your company’s data online today!

There is no charge for your first submission


Using a single account, submit VAT returns for each company.

For the first time ever, entry is completely free.


Obtain and submit VAT returns on behalf of your customers.

There is no charge for your first submission

The cost of a yearly license

Depending on the number of firms you wish to add to your VitalTax account, the cost of a license varies.

If you have an unlimited license, you can file VAT returns for as many firms as you choose.

Taxes are not included in any of the monthly or annual fees.

The Cost of a Business License Quantity

1 £20.00

2 £36.00

3 £48.00

4 £60.00

5 £72.00

Licensing Fees for Commercial Quantities

6 £84.00

7 £96.00

8 £108.00

9 £120.00

Unlimited £132.00

What does MTD stand for?

As part of HMRC’s plan to digitize the UK’s tax system, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is being implemented.

The initial phase of MTD is devoted to VAT. MTD-compliant software must be used by all firms having a turnover in excess of the VAT registration threshold in order to file VAT returns electronically.

Records that can be accessed over the Internet

In order to comply with accounting regulations, companies must store their financial information electronically in either accounting software or spreadsheets.

The Internet’s connection to the digital world

The HMRC’s Making Tax Digital API must be used for VAT submissions. A spreadsheet’s data can be connected digitally using bridging software.