what side do bloods wear flags on?

Updated on August 6, 2022

i heard they usually wear on the right side but in some places they can wear them on the left.

7 Answers

  • 1.Historically, Blood gangs flagged to the right. But these days you’ll find many that will flag either side.

  • Bradwell either has jokes or is misinformed. Real Blood gangs are in no way tied to Chicago People gangs. Bloods originated in California, and the only Bloods who use the number 5 and the star are fake Bloods on the East Coast, Midwest, and in the South.

  • California Bloods and Pirus DO NOT have a ‘book of knowledge’ or use codes and the number 5 like that.

  • Blood Gang Book Of Knowledge

  • Actually, Bloods wear the flag on the right, while Crips wear the flag on the left. Why? Because Crips are Folk Nation affiliated, which is associated with the left side and number 6, whereas the Bloods are People Nation affiliated, associated with the right side and number 5. In other words, gangs have allies and enemies. If certain gangs put their flags on certain sides, such as the right and left, and identified with certain numbers, such as 5 and 6, they would know who their allies and enemies are right off the bat. For example, if a Crip sees another gang member, a GD, another member of the Folk Nation wearing his or her flag on the left side and/or a shirt with the number 6, he knows to befriend him during gang activity. The same applies to a Blood that sees a Vice Lord, another member of the People Nation, wearing the flag on the right side and/or a shirt with a number 5, he knows to befriend him when they bang. On the flipside, it works to their advantage because if a Crip sees the Vice Lord, or if the Blood sees the GD, they know when to attack their rivals.
  • When you think of bloods, think of reds, that is communists. Then think of the fact that communists are left wing, so they wear their hankie on the left side. Also, the Chinese flag is red with five, five-pointed stars. Bloods like the number five and also five pointed stars. The bloods were allied, and some say, originally sprung from, the People’s Nation of the Chicago prison system. The people’s nation was allied with the People’s Republic of China (a People’s Nation). You have to remember the politics of the time. The Black Panthers were allied with communist South East Asia, and were even hired by the Viet Cong to assassinate Ross Perot. Sorry to tell ya folks, but the Bloods are commies.

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  • listen to any rapper who claims blood listen to drop it like its hot by snoop dogg.

    “i keep a blue flag on my backside, but only on the left side, yeah thats the crip side”

    or the phrase”gun on the left, flag on the right”

    right side

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