What’s the difference between a permanent address and a local address?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I’m filling out a University application and have no clue on what the difference is! I thought that local address might be my mailing box number, but the application reads “Local Address (if different from above) Numbers/Street”. And my mailing box number doesn’t have a street…

2 Answers

  • Permanent address means that you own our home/apartment.

    Local means that you are renting or staying with someone. It also can act as a back up address. Usually both are not needed, as I did not fill both myself.

    The terms are actually derived from country homes,versus rural homes. As more urban homes were owned and rural homes were rented.

  • A local address would be an apartment you are living in, and a permanent address could be your parents house. If you live with your parents then put that address on both