Where can I buy Sea Cucumber in the UK?

Updated on August 6, 2022

Dried, or canned. I haven’t seen them at any Asian grocers…has anyone had luck finding them? Online, or in a store?

Only answer if you know


Thank you Cecesan, but I have probably been through every nook and cranny in Chinatown. Those guys should give me a personal residence for the amount of shopping I do there. They have abalone, shark fin, conpoy, all that, but no sea cucumber.

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  • Try Chinatown. Sea cucumber, in Chinese called “hoi sum” meaning happiness or literally means open heart. A very welcoming dish because phonetically it symbolizes happiness for the Chinese New Year. It looks like a sea slug. You can find it fresh in Asian Supermarkets and particularly dried ones in Asian shops that sell mainly dried abalone (pao yee), sharksfins (yee shih), fish bellies (yee tow), scallops , mushrooms, birds nests, Chinese sausages, including sea cucumbers etc. Believe me those items are not cheap but phonetically if you say it in Cantonese, it means and symbolizes good wishes and blessings. *

  • Sea Cucumber Uk

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  • Dear my friend

    My name is Dat. I’m in Vietnam. I sell dried sea cucumber with good quality. If you want to buy, please contact my email: [email protected] If you have a company which imports this product, I think that you can come to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and see my product directly, and we can develop the relationship commercial.

    Thank you

    P/S: You can buy online by sending email.

  • If your town has a decent fish market there, that will be the most likely place for fresh, and prhaps the Asian Stores for canned or dried


  • Have a client i buy from you can contact him mr Patert at email id [email protected]

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