Tips to Have a Tax-Free Refund in Barcelona

Updated on July 20, 2022

Those who advocate shopping as a kind of treatment say so. There are probably awards for Barcelona’s therapeutic status, if this is true.

On the other side, The Telegraph has ranked Barcelona as one of Europe’s greatest shopping destinations. Additionally, in 2018, Conde Nast named Barcelona one of the top European cities in their Readers’ Choice Awards.

Looking how to go from the Barcelona Airport to the city centre? Read our tips about it!

Another motivation for visitors and shoppers to rush to Barcelona is the city’s vibrant nightlife.

VAT refunds are no longer limited to a certain amount of money spent by customers.

That’s a clear signal to spruce up Barcelona’s retail scene! But first, here are some pointers to assist you get your VAT back before you go shopping in Barcelona (Value Added Tax).

1.) Have a Tax-Free Refund Before Leaving Barcelona

Remember that you must file your VAT refund before you leave Barcelona.

To accomplish this, there are two primary ways to go about it: Through the merchant or store where the products were purchased, you may be eligible for a tax refund.

Over 90% of stores and establishments in Barcelona are exempt from taxation.

Even if you don’t see the Tax-Free emblem, it’s recommended asking the retail personnel if you may shop without paying sales tax.

Request tax reimbursement cheques after shopping in a tax-free institution for visitors/tourists. They’ll take care of the filling and sealing.

In order to get a tax refund at the airport in Barcelona, you’ll need to bring these checks, along with your passport, the receipt for the purchased products, and your boarding pass.

Your tax refund can be collected at any currency exchange house after the customs authorities stamp the cheques.

The second option is to use a financial services firm like Global Blue or Planet Payment (formerly known as Premier Tax-Free).

For a fee, these businesses will act as your agent and handle the VAT refund on your behalf.

2.) Claim Your Tax Refund Before Going to the Airport: Premier Tax Free

Many people are choosing to claim their tax refunds prior to their departure from Barcelona’s El Prat airport in order to alleviate some of the tension of the journey.

Financial services company Premier Tax-Free has just changed its name to Planet Payment, which specializes in multi-currency payments and VAT refund administration for visitors. With Planet Payment, you can avoid paying sales tax in Barcelona in a variety of ways:

The tax is deducted from your payment before it is sent. Customers in-store can get refunds with Planet Payment.

A list of Planet Payment partner brands can be found here.

Before making any purchases or browsing, make sure that the brand or business is one of their partner merchants.

The net cost of the item is then due. If your Tax-Free Form has not been confirmed by customs before you leave Barcelona, a guarantee will be deducted from your credit card.

You can also get the VAT amount within 72 hours of submitting the Tax-Free form.

Until customs has verified your Tax-Free form, a guarantee will be collected from your credit card.

Alternatively, you can follow the regular procedure.

VAT is repaid immediately to your credit card within 30 days of submitting a Tax-Free Form to customs for validation and it being cleared by the authorities.

The business where you purchased your goods may potentially provide a cash refund if you wish.

However, a credit card is still required as a form of guarantee. It’s also possible to do it in the heart of a city.

There are 12 Planet Payment refund locations in Barcelona.

You can use the Planet Payment App to monitor the progress of your refund.

It’s also worth noting that the airport in Barcelona El Prat has a digital validation kiosk named DIVA.

Go straight to the DIVA kiosk when you arrive at the airport to authenticate your tax-free form. Purchased items, passport, and receipts are required to be on hand.

The VAT can be reclaimed at refund stations or by mail once validation is complete.

A tax-free DIVA form will be provided if your purchase was made at a retail business that uses the DIVA system.

The devices at the entrance of the Tax-Free offices can then digitally stamp these forms.

3.) El Prat Airport has a Tax-Free Refund Office: Global Blue

Tax refunds for tourists’ purchases are provided through Global Blue. Global Blue, like Planet Payment, serves as a ‘agent’ for the purpose of processing your VAT refund.

Global Blue can help you get a tax-free form from a Barcelona merchant if you’ve requested one.

For the retailer, Global Blue is authorized to conduct the Tax-Free service. As a result, Global Blue is required to reimburse the traveler for any VAT that the shop has paid on their behalf.

In Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, Global Blue has an office.

The Global Blue Offices at El Prat Barcelona Airport are available round-the-clock and can be found here:

In the customs area near check-in desk number 200 at Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

Non-Schengen passport control and in the Schengen area: Sky Centre’s Global Blue offices.

Terminal 2B, on the left side of Customs, is where you can get your refund.

Landslide at Global Blue Office, Terminal 2B, Floor zero, refunds are available (next to a pharmacy)

Tax-Free Form, Passport, Receipts and Purchases and Unopened and Unused Purchases must be shown at the customs counter in order to acquire a stamp on your form to expedite the VAT-refund process.

You then head to the closest Global Blue Office, which is located at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport. To obtain your refund, you’ll need to show the IRS your stamped, completed Tax-Free form as well as your passport.

Send your Tax-Free forms to a Global Blue mailbox near most customs offices if you need them quickly (or if your flight is early or late in the day). In order to receive a credit on your credit card, you must return your Tax-Free form and receipts to Global Blue with your completed and stamped form.

4.) Documents to Show When Asking for a Tax-Free Refund

Prior to departing for the airport, you must produce the following documents in order to receive your Tax-Free refund:

Original purchase receipts in the form of a passport
The items you bought ( better if it is unused or unopened)
Completing the Tax-Free Form
Passports and boarding cards, please.

5.) Requirement to Claim the Tax-Free Refund in Barcelona

Getting a tax-free refund in Barcelona is only possible if you qualify.

People who live in the Canary Islands, Melilla, or Centa are exempt from this law. Outside the EU, you have three months from the date of purchase to return acquired items to the country of origin.

Keep a copy of your most critical papers and documents within easy reach at all times (see above list).

Expenses incurred when dining out are not eligible for VAT refunds in Barcelona.

While you’re shopping at Barcelona’s El Prat Airport, look into the best ways to get there and back.

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6.) How Much Money do I Save With a Tax-Free Return?

Spanish sales tax presently stands at a typical 21%. Although you will receive a refund, you will not receive the whole amount. In order to get a refund, you must spend a certain amount of money.

Standard VAT items are eligible for up to a 15.7 percent tax return value as a general rule. Calculate your potential Barcelona sales tax return with the Global Blue Tax Calculator.

7.) Is the Tax-Free Return Valid for Any Good?

Within three months of your purchase date, your Tax-Free paperwork must be stamped by an official before you leave Barcelona. No reimbursement will be issued if you fill out the Tax-Free form in its entirety.

8.) You Can Only Ask for a Tax Return if you Spend 90.15€

The good news for Barcelona consumers is that the Spanish government has lifted the minimum expenditure restriction of 90.15€, which had previously applied to purchases made by visitors and travelers from outside the nation.

If travelers meet the requirements for a VAT refund, they can claim a VAT refund for whatever amount of products they purchase in the country.

Spend lavishly in Barcelona now that you’ve been given the go-ahead!

9.) By Car, Train or Cruise – Ask for your Tax-Free Refund in Barcelona

There is a VAT refund even if you don’t travel by plane, rail, or cruise ship into and out of Barcelona. Getting a VAT refund when you don’t fly out of Barcelona’s airport is more challenging.

One of the initial steps in the process is speaking with an authorized retailer or business for a VAT return package. To complete the process, you’ll need to get your VAT checked out.

Attend customs at the port terminal or wherever the customs station for your departure from Barcelona is located prior to your departure. They will stamp your VAT checks for you if you hand them over. Before you leave Europe, you must complete this task. Return the VAT refund checks you received from shops when you return to your native country.

In order to process your claim, we ask that you allow us three months. Customs will accept your tax-free documents at the port terminal if you’re on a cruise. A VAT refund can be obtained from most of the cruise lines. Your train’s customs officer usually can assist you in getting a customs stamp for Barcelona.

There has never been a better time to buy and visit Barcelona than it is now, with so many ways to earn your VAT refund and no minimum purchase need. See for yourself why Barcelona is so popular, and then unwind at one of the many highly regarded spas while you’re there.

Go out and do some shopping!