Which is grammatically correct: all have or all has?

Updated on August 6, 2022

All hall staff has singles.


All hall staff have singles.


12 Answers

  • It’s completely up to you—staff can be treated as a singular or a plural. Personally, I think the second choice sounds better.

    Source(s): The American Heritage Dictionary and me.
  • I think it is All hall staff have singles because it makes more sense.

  • First off, “All hall staff…” is a shortened version of “All of the hall staff…”

    “of the hall staff” is ignored, and the proper grammar to finish the sentence is “All have(pl.) singles” rather than “All has(sing.) singles”

  • All hall staff HAVE singles.

    Staff is plural in this sentence.

  • It’s (All have) in this sentence, but only because of the ,All, at the beginning.

    If it had been, The hall staff has singles, it would’ve been correct.

  • All Has Or Have Grammar

  • Have

    Staff is referring to more than one person so you use it like “they”

  • have, it’s plural

  • all have 😀

    Hope that helps!

  • have