Why does my rabbit sleep in it’s litterbox?

Updated on August 6, 2022

I have a 4 month old Netherland dwarf that I’m trying to litterbox train. At first she was using it to pee in, but now she sleeps in it. I’ve tried to move the litterbox to where she pees and I’ve put her pee spots in the litter box, but she still insists on sleeping in it. Have I done something wrong?

My other problem is when she is running around on the floor all she does is poop. I feel like I am cleaning up more poop balls than I am playing with her. I know spaying will help, but is there anything else that may help with all the poop?

8 Answers

  • Please do not take the advise of the first reply by John M. First of all, cages with wire floors are bad for bunnies because they hurt their feet and cause a condition called “sore hocks”.

    Secondly, do not use any mulch, pine, cedar, or especially dirt for bunny bedding. Bunnies have sensitive respiratory systems, and those types of bedding irritate their lungs. The best bedding to use is a recycled paper product type.

    Thirdly, yes bunnies can be EASILY litter box trained, but you must be using the right size litter box. If it is too big, the bunnies will also sleep in it. I highly recommend using the corner shaped litter boxes, such as the Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Pan (I bought mine on RabbitStop.com). They are the perfect size and it has a grate so that the pellets and urine fall through, but are not able to be scooped back out by digging bunnies.

    The last problem you have, is unfortunately something that happens. Once trained, your rabbit will use their litter box almost 100% of the time for urinating and pelleting while in their cage. But while the rabbit is out of the cage and playing, well…pellets happen. The best advice is to make the cage easily accessible to the rabbit during playtime so she can go in and out to use the litter box.

  • We have had indoor rabbits and they are easy to train to use a litter box. Do you have a crate or a kennel that you put her in when you’re not there to watch her? It sounds like your bunny wants a place to nest. Make her up a box with some hamster bedding to sleep in. Make sure when you let your bunny out to play that you put her right in the litter box right away. Remember that rabbits like to chew. Keep an eye on her or she will be chewing on all your woodwork. Be patient she’ll figure out the litter box thing.

  • You certainly can litter-train a rabbit. I did this with my son’s miniature male. But he is a free-range rabbit, not confined to a cage since kittenhood, and as long as he had access to the litter tray, he didn’t make a mess on the floor.

    We no longer keep him in the house because he almost electrocuted himself by chewing through the plastic covering on electrical cables. He now lives underneath the house where it is dry, safe, and a comfortable temperature all year long. It’s not a concrete basement, just dirt, but completely closed in, with windows letting the sun in.

  • That is perfectly normal. A lot of rabbits will sleep in their litter box. Sneezing a lot is not normal. It is ok for rabbits to sneeze every now and then but if she is sneezing a lot a vet visit before the 23rd may be in order. I really recommend changing that bedding you are using. It looks extremely dusty and if it actually smells like apples your rabbit will be tempted to eat it (rabbits love apples) which could cause serious issues that could end up requiring surgery.

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  • well i have a rabbit on my own and hes litter train

    it wasnt that easy to train him becasue whenever i took him out of his cage he was pooping all over the place

    and i know what u mean my rabbit still sleeps in his litter box but not all the time he was usually sleeping in his hide box but now idont know why hes sleeping on a pillow he is able to knock out cage doors at night and sleep at couch but i still have a problem with the poop whenever i took him out i think that his pooping becasue hes nevrouse

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  • a rabbit is not a pet for most of us so you have a ways to go to learn about rabbits. First they are bread in cages now, they sleep in a cage and would be in the filth if it were not for the cage having wire floors so the little balls fall throw.

    Get her a little box, like used for having a litter in, sides and wood chips or straw. dirt reflects heat, so she may be in a draft, but dirt is close to her native soil, so not sure on that one. I don’t know of any rabbit being trained to go in a litter box, so good luck on that one.

    You may want to rethink as a inside pet and move her to the outside and play with her in a fenced yard and then put her away in a cage that is safe from other animals.