why has everyone forgotten richard barathy?

Updated on August 6, 2022

he is considered by me and many other dedicated martial artists to be a true legend

dude he won tournaments for fighting, how was he not great at martial arts

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  • I remember him. He was famous for all the breaking techniques he did. but breaking has very little to do with the martial arts. What people need to understand is that being able to break large amounts of materials does not make you a great martial artists. Some of the people that can do that are great martial artists. However in the last 43 years, i have met a number of really good breakers that had really bad martial arts skills. One came to visit our area last year. He claimed that he was on a mission to get on a TV talk show (a famous one). He claimed that he was only trying to raise funds to save his child’s life with a transplant. He claimed to be a 3rd degree black belt. He alos claimed to hold breaking records, breaking 2 by 4’s. He basically walked in into a friends class saying these things. No one knew him and he seemed sincere. He did break a few 2 by 4’s. But then the guy was really big to start with. I saw a little of his karate. It was terrible. After class I drove him to his truck. While driving him , he said some really goofy things that did not make any sense. I did an internet search only to find that he is at the middle of a big mess that his family launched. They say that he is a liar and a cheat. They say that he is misleading people.

    But in any case the bottom line is that it does not matter what you can break. If your martial arts skills are bad, you will never get to hit anyone with that power anyway. A good martial artists does not need to resort to side-show tricks and gimmicks. Either his martial arts skills are good, or they are not. It is that simply. Don’t get caught up in the other aspects….

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    Teaching martial arts over 36 years (since 1973).

  • Richard Barathy

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    why has everyone forgotten richard barathy?

    he is considered by me and many other dedicated martial artists to be a true legend

  • Barathy was a karate legend in the pre-internet age.

    If he were around today, he would be very well-known.

    Watch that old video Way of the Warrior- A tribute to Bruce Lee and see

    how many of those guys, other than Chuck Norris, are well-known today.

  • He taught me at American Combat Karate in West Hempstead, NY in 1975. Tremendous man.

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    Shawn Stasiak. WQ: I would say Chris Jericho. It looked like Jericho turned his head to early and sold the move like a neckbreaker instead of the twist of fate.

  • Taka Michinoku WQ- Jericho screwed up at the end because he turned his head too early for the twist of fate, making it look like a neck breaker.

  • Who?

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  • Who the hell is that?

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