Why would an Afghan stab as many people as he can, including British tourists in Paris and does this happen often ?

Updated on August 6, 2022


Does anyone know? A Muslim has just beheaded someone for Islam in Paris also. I can remember the above event being slightly in the news for a couple of hours and then never in the news again. Tourists don’t seem to be warned in advance.

4 Answers

  • It happens often. It is part of their religion. 

  • The beheading happened in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, not in Paris. 

    Otherwise this type of attack by the terrorists, happens only now and then. Like it also happens in UK and some other countries in the world. 

    Last September in Birmingham, there was one dead and seven wounded in the knife attack. 

    In June a knife attack left three people dead and three seriously injured Saturday night in a park in Reading, west London. Etc ..

    Short, terrorist attacks happens everywhere and not only in Europe.

    But hey, don’t be afraid because of it’s right what they are looking for! Terrorists think they can force the whole word to be converted in their very stupid religion, but it will not work!

  • At least you didn’t post your question about an incident two years ago in ‘Current Events’!

  • That news is 2 years old so I would say it doesn’t happen often since I’ve not heard of it happening between then and now