Yahoo Sorry, we couldn’t post your question right now. Please try again later.?

Updated on August 6, 2022

Sorry, we couldn’t post your question right now. Please try again later. WHY?

UPDATE, UPDATE: It’s okay I know why now, it’s because I put a percentage symbol in my question, because god help everyone when percentages are necessary to use

Some really excellent answers here, you people are all so helpful. Thanks

8 Answers

  • Make sure you are not using any % Signs in them ? if you are you need to Remove it and Spell it out Yahoo wont take Percent Signs also make sure you dont Exceed the Character Limit if you see Numbers in Red then you need to Shorten it to get it to Post

  • even it’s not working for me

  • I don’t have a % sign and I keep refreshing, and getting the same error!

  • Using a % sign on a mobile is a common thing to check. It only seems to impact some mobiles, usually phones. I have not heard of any problems recently on actual computers. Using the word “percent” is not a problem. You might try desktop mode also. That seems to help some mobiles.

  • You need to spell out the percent symbol when you post it in a question. Just one of the idiosyncrasies of the site.

  • It happens from time to time, as you managed to post this it looks like the problem has been sorted out.

  • they were busy, now things are OK again

  • There is a glitch with the Submit button. Refresh the page and try again. You also will not be able to post if you have reached your daily limit or you try to put a percentage sign in your posts, and you will not be able to answer questions if an asker has you blocked or the question is closed.

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